July 5th, 6th,, 7th, 8th …Atlanta    
We left Washington, DC. The vehicles were shipped on trucks to be carried to Brewton, Alabama. However, some of us preferred to drive and undertook a trek of more than one thousand miles from W, D.C. to Brewton. They arrived there just in time for the official commemoration. Most of us took the bus. It was a really pleasant travel that enabled us to visit Atlanta with C.N.N. and Coca-Cola. We were welcomed at the Belgian Consulate General. For a few hours, we felt that we were back in Belgium…
The 7th Company    
"Where is the 7th Company". That is the title of a funny French film telling the story of a French Company in the first days of WWII. During our travel in the air conditioned coach on our way from Washington, D.C. to Brewton, while our WWII vehicles were carried by truck, we had always hoped to meet our friends who had decided to drive their vintage cars from Washington, D.C. to Brewton, a trek of 1,000 miles. They arrived in Brewton just in time for the official commemoration…Here are some pictures of their "great trek". Those of the 7th Company, named after the French film, didn't go to Mobile and Pensacola. They enjoyed a well deserved rest in Brewton.