July 10th, 11th…Mobile and Pensacola    
About 30 of our group went to Mobile with our vintage vehicles. We wanted to drive and our convoy was expected there. The reception was very warm and when the vehicles arrived a lot of people greeted the visitors with applause and waves. We were also honored with volley fired by the Post 49 rifle squad. City and County officials, as well as VFW leaders welcomed us to Mobile. Then we were treated to a southern-style lunch prepared by the Post 49 ladies Auxiliary. As in Richmond and Brewton, the TV cameras were there. And there was even an interview on a national channel. Most moving were the moments passed with veterans. They all remembered Belgium, one of them was amongst those who took the Bridge of Remagen, another was proud to show the badges of honor and medals he had been awarded by Belgium. After the official ceremonies, a visit to the USS Alabama battleship. There a site was dedicated to our vehicles and a special WWII exhibition had been organized. The curator of the museum wanted to keep our convoy!

At night we were invited to a very special evening in a café in Mobile. I'll just let you imagine that we were welcomed, just as the American GI were in Belgium in 1944! And there was Belgian beer…I think that not a drop of it remained when we left in early morning. And we are not to forget the Southern girls.

After leaving our friends in Mobile, we went to Pensacola. The Navy Air Museum -which is the biggest in the States- was worth a visit. And we noticed how much people are proud of their history in the States.

Back in the States in 2004!

The National Convention of the MVPA will take place in Mobile in 2004.
Overlord Returns is invited.
Wouldn't that be wonderful to land our WWII
vehicles there for the
65th anniversary of Overlord?
We are invited by our friends of the MVPA Dixie Division.
And why not the Independence Day Parade