June 27th: Brussels' Airport---Washington, D.C. 's Airport---Richmond    
When we arrived at Washington, D.C. 's airport we fully appreciated how our friends of the M.V.P.A. were to take care of us. One of them was there, waiting for us with the bus. Some of us were traveling in the States for the first time. They really discovered a New World. When arriving in RICHMOND, the organizers were already at the Radisson Hotel to welcome us. They had prepared a busy schedule. Everything was ready to offer us an exceptional stay in Richmond, including official commemorations, meeting veterans, tourism, history with a visit to the main sites of the Civil War around Richmond, and even some shopping. The same evening, Major Tucker arrived to welcome us. At that time, we realized our "Thank You"was deeply appreciated.
June 28th.    
The first official meeting in Richmond took place at the Virginia Historical Society where we were welcomed by Richmond representatives for a luncheon. There we met Major Tucker for the second time in the States. Retired Richmond Circuit Judge John Randolph Tucker Jr. had been to Belgium twice. The first time he was commanding a battalion of light tanks and about 900 US Army troops. He entered the City of Mons on September 2nd 1944 and liberated its civilians. Major Tucker was invited to visit the City of Mons 45 years later, in 1989. He was honored and greeted as the liberator of the city. The City of Mons wanted to bring Major Tucker to Mons a third time but, because of his age, Major Tucker could not come to see his Belgian friends. So they decided to come to him with "Fish' Chips", the Stuart tank which was the first armored vehicle to enter the City of Mons on September 2nd 1944.
June 29th.    
During the day, visits were planned to either the main sites of the Civil War or some shopping. The event took place in the evening at the Virginia House. Major Tucker welcomed us. It was his birthday! A unique birthday party. Those who were there are not to forget those moments. "Happy Birthday" greetings were wished in English and French.

July 1st.

We gathered at the Virginia War Memorial for a moving ceremony expressing our gratitude for those who brought Liberty back to our country more than 55 years ago. Before the ceremony a parade was organized for our vehicles. It was also a way of saying "thank you". Then they stayed on display at the War Memorial. Richard Miller, President of the Parliament of the French Community spoke of the great sacrifice made in the war by Americans "upholding the great values of Justice and Democracy". We had to leave Richmond on July 2nd…Washington, D.C. was expecting us.